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From MisterNifty : Mystic Ark. From Paul Jensen : Wrecking Crew ' Thursday, June 15, Friday, June 12, Tuesday, June 9, From Al LaPrade : Sorcerian. From Jotaro Raido : Sylphia. She had to be mine. A very sweet girl with a big heart. That's something, I hadn't really dated a lot. Sitting alone in the bullpen of an empty stadium, Walker leans forward, just a little, and lowers his voice.

I try to stay away from those girls as much as possible. Catcher Kyle Day points out a song Matt Rusch is listening to while playing the card game "Plunk" with Craig James on the bus before game time.

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Seconds later, Forney ambles up and politely tells the scribbler, "You've got to get to the other end of the dugout. We're not getting any runs with you here. As if on cue, the first batter to lead off the top of the fourth for Winnipeg, third baseman Amos Ramon, launches a solo home run to give the Goldeyes a lead. At the end of the inning, Forney, who serves as the third-base coach while the Goldeyes bat, walks back into dugout and tells the reporter, "Now you've got to go back to the other end of the dugout to keep them from scoring.

Lesson No. The night before every start, Ace Walker eats pizza. He always crosses the chalk line to the mound left foot first.

Pitching coach Bill Pulsipher, now 38, has worn his sliding shorts inside out since high school. If the announcer Edmonds eats lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise on Tuesday and the Fish lose that night, he won't be back. If the Goldeyes get a string of runs in an inning, the next inning you will hear the words, "Same seats.

The most super of the superstitious, however, is Salamida, who has worn the sock on his left foot inside out honest since he was in junior high. All day, every day. Something about turning his ankle running the bases. For his first two-plus years in Winnipeg, Salamida wore the same clothes to every game he was scheduled to start. Until he started this season A new ensemble was in order. Yes, baseball can break hearts. But it's also a game of childish pranks, endless comical banter and time-worn anecdotes that characterize an occupation where the employees have too much idle time on their hands.

Enter Forney, who catches Edmonds with his yap full. Edmonds is broadcasting on high volume now.

Little League

How do I know you paid for that? You could imagine what that sight looks like. I'll go out there naked if I have to. Weber is pacing the dugout, pumping himself up to play in front of a modest gathering at Lewis and Clark Park: "There's dozens of people here to see us! Just a few feet away, Amos Ramon is telling the story of pulling up to a fast-food drive-thru the night before: "We said, 'Can we have a half-dozen nuggets? We have six, 10 and I'm not kidding. Then there's Pulsipher's eight-year-old son Leyton, a pint-size pistol who should be in the movies.

Leyton, along with his older brother Liam, are serving as the Goldeyes' bat boys on the trip. Wait, one more. Bellied up to a bar in a Sioux City hotel, it's getting near last call. And Forney is asked if he can recall his favourite story about a meeting on the mound.

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  4. He thinks for a second. Then Forney remembers a fireworks night in some ballpark he can't remember which when he was the Goldeyes' pitching coach at the turn of the century. A righty named Chris "Spider" Webb was on the mound for the Fish. Former fan favourite Ryan Robertson was catching.

    Batter Up! River Park Little Leaguers Take The Field

    Before the next batter can step to the plate, Forney slowly saunters from the Goldeyes dugout to the mound. Robertson comes from behind home plate. The three of them stand there for a few moments, kicking dirt.

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    Finally, Webb says, "Anything you want to tell me, coach? Roberson has been running ever since. At 32, the Goldeyes veteran from Oakland is hitting at a. Roberson is a minority in independent baseball; one of the players who have reached baseball's Everest. The big leagues. The sleek outfielder made his major league debut on May 12, The call came the night before, jolting him out of bed.

    Now pack your bags, the flight leaves in four hours.

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    The next day, Roberson walked into the Phillies locker-room in Cincinnati. When he saw the Phillies jersey hanging in his stall with "Roberson" on the back, No. It's one of those moments where there's not too many words to describe it. It's the stuff you dream about as a kid. I was thinking, 'So this is what it's like. Roberson started in right field.

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    The first out of his major league career was a screaming line drive off the bat of Reds' superstar Ken Griffey Jr. I was looking at the ball so much I couldn't even swing. That's how unreal it was the first day. Over two seasons, Roberson played 85 big-league games for the Phillies. Still, Roberson can scratch out a living.

    Roberson admits his taste of the majors, where he'd meet the likes of actress Eva Longoria and rapper Sean P. Diddy Combs at VIP parties, can make riding the buses of independent ball just that much more challenging. It's hard for me sometimes to sit back and wonder what's happened to my career, taking turns like this. Yeah, it's hard.

    Seeing guys former teammates signing big contracts where you had the same talent.