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Many booksellers said customers come into their stores as a way of coping with such tragic events. Mats provided, you may bring a towel. Eating within an hour of class is not advised. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Beginners and drop-ins welcome. Workshop format. For families with children 3 years or younger, a program to expose the youngest readers to multicultural stories, songs and finger plays.

Cover, clean, and dust book jackets in anticipation of their shelving in the new library. Salsa, Cha-cha, Merengue All ages and levels welcome. Agenda includes drafting policy on naming of public facilities from the Parks and Recreation Commission. Lacking affordable housing, renters are being pushed over the edge Join the tenant fight back. Free food and music, Presentations and discussion of various proposals received for funding under the Housing Trust Fund Program. Olaf Malver will share slides and stories of his sea kayaking adventures around the world: Turkey, Indonesia, Antarctica and more.

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There will be live music and refreshments to celebrate the start of annual exhibit and sale of unique gifts and specialty items designed by Bay Area artists. Geared for children 4 years and up. Laura Nader, Ph. The goal of the Media Wedge Kit Training is to help participants create and insert dynamic, witty, and irresistible new language like a wedge into the mainstream media wall. An Ecology Center sustainable living class. A hands on workshop in a local garden built from local native plants, restoration gardening, philosophy, ecology, design, local plant sources, and home propagation.

Pre-registration is required, x Informative event for prospective parents. Learn their approach to education, meet the director, tour the school, and meet parents. The Cal Sailing Club, a nonprofit sailing and windsurfing cooperative, give free rides on a first come, first served basis on the first full weekend of each month. Wear warm clothes and bring a change of clothes in case you get wet. Children must be at least 5 years old and must be accompanied by an adult.

As an inhabitant of the planet earth, a citizen of the USA and a resident of Berkeley I thank the Berkeley City Council most gratefully for their recent vote on stopping the bombing of Afghanistan. For all the defense department denials which assert that we are not inflicting significant civilian casualties I think there is enough credible independent confirmation that, in fact, we are killing many civilians — at least a number of whom are too poor and helpless to escape the bombing, including the elderly and children.

Our distinguished leaders tell us to expect this. In all likelihood there will be severe cutbacks in federal subsidies to states and cities in the realm of housing, social services, education and infrastructure programs. Therefore it behooves the City Council to discuss this issue now and make their voice heard by the nation and federal government.

It would be a one or two day event. The invited speakers would be given 20 to 40 minutes to present their views at the microphone the podium of which would be turned around to face the audience. Then they would answer questions from the audience and the Council. I think it highly unlikely that the national media could ignore the event or distort the collective message.

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I really doubt the accuracy of recent polls saying 90 percent of the American public is willing to see its sons and daughters come home in body bags for a reckless military endeavor with no clear achievable goals. I think there is a vast sea of public opinion waiting to be guided by the a loud collective enunciation of good old fashioned American common sense.

How about it Berkeley City council? At least one city could be sane. On September 13, Bush called for war on terrorism, bin Laden, and his organization. Bombing started on Oct. The CIA admitted on Oct. A day later Oct. Now Oct. Future Afghan resistance fighters may well think twice about who is backing them up.

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Two conclusions can be drawn. First, the bombing is likely to stop soon because it is clear the Pentagon has run out of targets when Oct.

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Starvation is now forecast for over , Afghanis. This, presumably, is the reprisal for 6, Americans killed on Sept. The net result will be a massive increase of volunteers into the ranks of the Taliban. Second, this war, and our government, are being run by incompetent nincompoops.

I wish we had a democracy where leaders were elected by the majority of votes. It was the time of year when a big pumpkin-colored moon rises up in the dark evening sky. And the cold nights cause apples to sweeten and crisp and smell delicious. You can almost see the Cheshire cat smile lingering on while someone slips strangely shaped amphibians into a steaming brew.

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  5. Note: They moved over 4, students into Council District 8 and then gerrymandered the entire city to their advantage! This is a rare occurrence and I applaud it! Thank you for your courage!

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    Please lend them your support. Thank you. Regarding the article this past weekend about the ZAB meeting, I find that the proposed "solutions" to targeted problems surrounding Brothers Liquors miss the mark. I have lived one block from Brothers Liquors for just over a year. I find the establishment to be a convenient and friendly place to pick up a last minute grocery item or snack. Sure, I have walked by Brothers Liquors and seen people standing outside though not visibly causing trouble. Each time I go to the Berkeley Bowl a couple of people try to sell me the latest issue of Street Spirit.

    Is there an outcry to shut down the gas station and the grocery store? Shutting down a local market is not going to solve any problems. Rather than blame the proprietors of the market for misconduct of people in the surrounding area, why can we not expect local law enforcement to make it safe and possible for them to conduct their legitimate business? Author Sandra Cisneros has a way of giving voice to adolescent angst or fervor.

    Her protagonist, year-old Esperanza Cordero, is wonderfully vibrant, spunky and encouraging to young writers, especially women. On Thursday, Nov. Her reading is cause for celebration too. But when he saw that I was taking my career seriously, to the point of not marrying and quitting jobs to continue the writing and taking time off to write he was convinced.

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    He saw me packing up and making sacrifices that women make for husbands. I always called the writing my husband. Cisneros was partly shaped as a writer by being the only girl out of seven kids, and because her Chicana mother spoke only English and her dad Spanish. Poetry forces you to sort of sit down and think about what are your most important issues? Cisneros is a diligent writer, and poetry is difficult and time consuming because she confronts private issues.

    She takes few breaks, and sometimes with a lot of guilt. Prose has been my soapbox where I say what I have to say. Poems are much more personal to me.

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    Writing is so consuming for Cisneros, it takes her a while to change gears. She only just began preparing for the Nov. Thursday, Nov.