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Further considerations 5.

Gifts and Benefits 5. Training 5. Training Plan for Board Members 5. Training Plan for Senior Managers.

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Interpretation of the Survey Results 6. General Comments 6. Analysis of the Results 6. Causes 6. Important Factors 6. Incentives for Corruption 6. Corruption Under Special Circumstances 6. Methods 6. Common Methods 6. Least Risky Methods 6. Prevention 6. Effective Guidelines 6. Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies 6.

Effective Prevention Measures. Master Guidelines for the Board of Directors 7.

1 Introduction

Consulting Contracts 7. Employee Training 7. Guidelines 7. Compliance Departments and Officers 7.

On the Prevention of Corruption from a Board Governance Perspective | Hausarbeiten publizieren

Internal Control for Compliance Departments and Officers 7. External Control for Compliance Departments and Officers 7. Whistleblower-Program 7. External Ombudsman 7. Closing Remarks 8. Key Findings 8. Benefits of the Study 8.

Limitations of the Study 8. Suggestions for Further Research. The information presented in this book is for general guidance on matters of interest only. Since the application as well as the impact of laws can vary based on the facts involved, the information provided is meant to encourage and stimulate an academic debate only.

Considering the fact that laws, rules and regulations change continuously, the author hereby points out that there could be delays, omissions or inaccuracies in the information presented in this book. Hence, the author hereby explicitly states that he is not providing legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice or services in this book.

Therefore, the author hereby explicitly states that this book should not replace a detailed consultation with competent advisers.

Fachlicher Schwerpunkt dieses Freiberuflers

Gallen, Switzerland before making any decision or taking any action. While the author has made a strong effort to provide accurate information in this book, he hereby explicitly states that he is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Furthermore the author is not responsible for any results obtained from the use of the information provided in this book.

The author will not be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information provided in this book. Corruption often involves the violation of obligations Schuchter, pg. It can involve any private or public agent Carvajal, pg. The act of corruption may include an appropriation or incorrect use of public or private goods Argandona, pg. The negative effects of corruption include but are not limited to a lack of justice, efficiency and trust.

It frequently involves a misuse or waste of public resources and discourages the development of new enterprises. Furthermore it has been associated with political instability and policy restrictions McMullan, pg.

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Hence, it has been outlawed by both national and international legislators. The positive correlation between corruption and a lack of investment is significant in both a statistical and an economic sense Mauro, pg. Therefore it can be argued that short- term gains for enterprises are outweighed by long-term losses for society Maurer, pg. Unfortunately, many multinational companies still engage in corruption, especially when they operate in foreign countries Kaufmann, pg.

In fact, both civil claims and criminal charges can result. Therefore the board of directors should take action. While doing so, personal limitations and perspectives of the decision-maker should be taken into account. The author is also conscious of his own limitations and Western perspective, and realizes that this topic could be approached in alternative ways. The author has chosen to write this paper in an attempt to draw greater attention to corruption and its negative effects on both companies and society. As son of a chief investigator for white collar crime of the German police forces, the author has been interested in this topic for multiple years.

Building a Framework for an efficient IT Governance

Famous cases, such as the Siemens and the Volkswagen corruption scandals, emphasize the relevance of this topic for the board of directors of multinational corporations. It is the objective of this paper to develop a profound understanding of the causes and methods of corruption in multinational corporations.

Ultimately, a tool kit for board members shall be developed. This tool kit is meant to provide the board of directors with the most important means to prevent corruption in their companies. It is the authors believe that such a tool kit can only be effectively developed and applied if a profound understanding of the causes and methods has been developed.

Corruption has been explained in many ways. Commonly mentioned causes include bad laws or bad men, economic need and job dissatisfaction, a lack of powers or knowledge and ineffective control systems. Some also refer to an inefficient bureaucracy and a protection of self-interest for certain groups or individuals Carvajal, pg. In addition, one could also add weak institutions, poor governance or ineffective economic policies Kaufmann, pg. Governance Framework

Furthermore it has been observed that bribes are frequently paid for access to scarce benefits, such as licences or permits, avoidance of costs, such as taxes or toxic waste disposal, or to prevent others from enjoying certain advantages and to impose costs on them. This might help to get rid of competitors. Furthermore two major categories of corruption are commonly identified.

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  • One refers to underpaid civil servants, who ask for bribes in order to be able to pay for basic needs. However, the second category is a bit less intuitive.