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For Youth [Noortele]. Puidak Manuscript.

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Forest Bee [Metsatalgud]. Nigol Manuscript. The Way for Youth [Noorte tee]. Nugis Manuscript. To Spring [Kevadele]. Children on the Sand [Lapsed liival]. On the Way Home [Koduteel].

Beautiful September [Kaunis september]. Departure [Lahkumine]. And Yet It's Sad [On siiski kurb]. Unsettled Beaches [Rahutud rannad]. Vocalise Aria [Vokaliis Aaria ]. Go Further, Young People [Edasi, noored]. Homeland Song [Kodumaa laul]. For Estonia [Eestile]. Town of Tents [Telkide linn]. Time Hurries On [Aeg ruttab].

Summer [Suvi]. Old School Bell [Vana koolikell].

Baritone Saxophone Showdown

The Land of Poetry [Luulemaa]. Our Way [Meie tee]. Riveters' Brigade [Neetijate brigaad]. To Estonia [Eestile]. Youth Song [Nooruslaul]. To the Big Festival [Suurele peole]. Cantata mixed choir Text: Otto Roots. Oh Raven, Sing to Me [Oh, kaaren, laula mulle].

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Old Song [Vana laul]. My Songs [Minu laulud]. Child's Eyes 2. Summery 3. Cheerlessness 4. Limestone Song [Paekivi laul].

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Toe Song 2. Fisherman's Home 3. How Would You Live? A Quiet Song [Vaikne laul]. Sing, Men [Laulge, mehed]. Home Window [Koduaken]. Rain's Rustle [Vihmasabin]. Summerly [Suviselt]. Unsung Song [Laulmata laul]. Fisherman's Home [Kaluri kodu]. To Homeland [Kodumaale]. Droning 2. Cat Went to School to Learn 3. Home Island [Kodusaar].


Light-footed 2. Criss-Cross 3. By the Creek 4. Oriental Melody 5. A Piece for Black Keys 6. Two Moods 7. Humorous Polka 8. In Folk Tune 9. Idyll Fast Fingers children's choir Text: Manivald Kesamaa. Line songs 1. Boys, Sing! Song of Youth 3. Children of Peace 4. In Spring 5. Boys, Line Up! Bonfire Evening 8.

Our Camp's Tiit 9. Playsong In Seaboard Young Campers Our Cat's Eyes children's choir. Ticktack [Tikat, takat]. Titmouse and Bullfinch [Tihane ja leevike]. October Child [Oktoobrilaps]. Camp Games, Op. Alarm 2. On the Squared Board 3. Scouting Game 4. Norwegian Songs [Norra laulud]. Olsen's Momma Inger Hagerup 3. Cantata of a Song [Kantaat laulust].

Courageously 2. Moderately 3. Vividly, vigorously joint choir: female choir, mixed choir, male choir Text: Ellen Niit Manuscript.

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Come to the Festival [Tulge peole]. Song of Coast Inhabitants [Randlaste laul]. Coming in. Moderately 2. Calmly 4. Calmly 5. Extendedly 6. Calmly 7. Lively piano Manuscript. Sandbox-Song [Liivakastilaul].

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Braggart [Kiidukukk]. Cook Boys' Song [Kokapoiste laul]. Naughty Boy [Ulakas poiss].