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In San Francisco. Goes to Carson. A voice speaks to him. Goes to Salt Lake. At Elder Neibaur's' Baptized. Called on mission to Germany. In Berlin. Attends meet- ing. Is arrested. Tried and sentenced. Returns home.

Snow appointed to a mission. Strangers marvel. What an affrighted Catholic said. The captain of the steamer replies. An incident. Tired and hungry. Why he goes to bed supperless. A retort. What a priest did. The Channel Islands.

Preparation of Lorenzo Snow: Complete Baptism and Silken Robes

Released and returns home. Expression of gratitude. HE following synopsis is from the pen of Elder Morris D. Rosenbaum, son-in-law of my brother Lorenzo: I left my native country when about nineteen years of age, for America arrived in New York in , traveled through the Eastern and Southern States to New Orleans, and from there by steamer via Havana and Panama to San Francisco. In California, hearing of a "Mormon" settlement in Carson Valley, I was impressed to visit it, and accordingly went over the mountains to see and learn of the doctrine of that people.

I remember, when first coming in sight of the settlement, hearing a voice saying, " There is a people which you never leave. My desire to be with this people increased, and as they moved en masse for Salt Lake Valley, I made up my mind to travel with them, remain there during the winter, and return to my native country the following spring. Visiting Brother Alexander Neibaur of the same nativity as myself , he preached the Gospel to me I became interested in its principles a peaceful spirit wrought mightily in me commending the ancient Gospel to my conscience.

I read the Book of Mormon from beginning to end, in connection with the Bible, prayerfully, and arose from its perusal with a strong conviction on my mind, this book was tcritten by inspiration. Dreams and visions, in my slumbering hours, began to. I well remember Brother Neibaur bearing his testimony of the truth of the Gospel to me. I said to him, " Mr. Neibaur, why cannot I have such a testimony? Rosenbaum, I promise you in the name of Israel's God, 3 T ou will, if you obey the principles of the Gospel, and honestly ask your heavenly Father for it.

Early in April, , I was called and went to Echo Canyon, in company with others, to assist in defending the people traveled south in time of "the move," and stopped in Provo a short time. July 2d, , I was ordained a Seventy, and united with the fifth quorum of Seventies; lived in Salt Lake City until , then, on April 10th, removed to Brigham City, and have lived here from that time.

At a conference held there, Elder Budge presiding, I was called and set apart to preside over the North German Mission, August 15th, On the 19th, held an evening meeting in Berlin was arrested. August 21st, I left by railroad for the kingdom of Bavaria, traveled through there and adjoining kingdoms, as Baden, Wur- temburg and Hanover, for about one year, when I was released and. I received a letter from President John Taylor informing me that my name had been presented, and that I had been accepted as a missionary to Europe.

As soon as I read the letter, I thanked the Lord that my prayers had been answered, for I had much desired to visit my mother's native country, and declare the glad tidings of salvation. I knew that the principles which I had been taught by my father and mother were principles that would benefit all who put them in practice. I wrote to President Taylor that I accepted the mission and should endeavor to magnify my calling.

On the 12th of October, , I left my home in company of fifty Elders, thirty of whom were missionaries to Europe, the others to dif- ferent portions of the United States. None but those that have left their comfortable homes and large circles of relatives and friends, can imagine my feel- ings when the train started out from Ogden City to carry me thousands of miles from my home. I was not acquainted with any of the Elders on the train when we started, but all having been baptized into one spirit, we had associated tog-ether but a short time before we were all acquainted.

We arrived safely in New York, and on the 10th left on the steamship Wyoming; were thirteen days on the ocean, with very rough weather for nine days. There was a Catholic on board who was so dreadfully frightened that he was frantic and blamed the d d "Mormons" for the rough weather. He said if he had known that so many "Mormons" were on the steamer he would have stayed in New York.

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The captain told him that if it had not been for the "Mormons," in all probability, they might all have been in the bottom of the ocean. When we arrived in Liverpool, I believe I was as much delighted to see land as was , Columbus when he discovered America, for I had been seasick for several days, and even the sight of land seemed medicinal.

I was appointed to labor in the London Conference, under the direction of President Ros- kelley, in connection with Brother W.

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Willey, and with him commenced in my field of labor on the 6th of November, and walked about fourteen miles to the first family in our dis- trict. No one, without similar experience, can imagine how I felt when I found myself seated by the side of a fireplace with a large number of small children thinly clad.

When I sat down to supper, I saw there w r ere from eight to ten hungry children to be fed from the scanty meal which was scarcely enough for five hungry persons. I ate very sparingly, and went to bed feeling rather discouraged, and thinking I could do no good among such poor people. Young and inex- perienced as I was, I did not realize that God had not chosen the rich of this world to be heirs of His kingdom, but that He had chosen the poor and the meek of the earth. I traveled three weeks feeling that I was doing good, and that I could be more happy at home in the society of my friends, and in the enjoyment of the comforts of life.

After arriving in Nantucket, Lorenzo quickly found work tending bar. As fate would have it, heavyweight champion John L. Pacifist by nature but capitalist by nurture, Lorenzo struggled with the lure of professional prizefighting.

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Spiritually rich and financially poor was a condition that caused Lorenzo great anguish. Night after sleepless night was spent wrestling with his conscience. Conversation led to courtship, and courtship to matrimony. Although Lorenzo still spent night after sleepless night wrestling, it was no longer with his conscience. Nine months after their wedding, Maggie gave birth to a daughter, Trinity, the first of twenty one children.

Growing Up in a Home of Faith and Hard Work

With more mouths to feed at home than there were mouths to drink at work, Lorenzo took to prizefighting. Over a span of just 6 years, he had amassed an unbelievable record of , with knockouts. While in training for a title shot against nemesis John L. Sullivan, Lorenzo was suddenly struck with a particularly virulent strain of pink-eye, leaving him blind in one eye and near-sighted in the other.

The Life and Ministry of Lorenzo Snow

Faced with the choice of boxing and risking total blindness, or retiring and just having to wear a monacle, Lorenzo chose the latter. Never one to see the glass as half empty, Lorenzo began in earnest to teach the Sweet Science to his progeny. Like any good parent forced to live vicariously through their kids, Lorenzo wanted only the best when it came to their training.