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The fanner these days is having rds,trbiihl5 with employment and in getting adequate help to harvest crops. Bet, says the representative of the laborer in. There is much truth in what is said by both laborer and farmer. But there is, however, a big fundamental issue of. The real cause of the trouble between the laborer and the farmer, the interests that exploit' both of them, is lost tright of. Supposing that the laborer was to be paid adequately for his labor couldn't he afford to pay the farmer more for his prodaete? S apposing that the farmer was under a system where the farmer retained more than 30 cents out of every dollar's worth he produces, couldn't he affor'dlto"pay farm" help more?

The big special interests, of course. For years the big interests in the Twin Cities have been exploiting the farmers of the west. They have taken millions from the agricultural communities, so much so that the Nonpartisan league followed. One of the hopeful signs of the times is to see the vision which prompts the farmers of the Dakotas to align themselves with the laborers of the big cities.

The farmers realize that if they can keep much of the money that has been going to the big interests in the twin cities that they can afford to compete with wages paid in the cities. They realize, too, that nothing can ever be gained for real democracy in this country if - the. The farmers and laborers of Wisconsin most quit fighting each other In the halls of the legislation. Instead of that, they should he standing shoulder to shoulder In the fighting for de mocracy. If they do not do that they will both continue to be exploited by the interests that have always carried off the swag uiav is proauceu oy ooin producers.

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