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History of L'Ouverture Hospital

Jesus declared that he is the light of the world John and has given us examples on how to be the light ourselves. First, Jesus drew the magi to himself because of who he was. As Christians, we are to be drawn to Christ and stay connected to him because we recognize his utmost importance.

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This constant connection with our light replenishes and recharges us to continue the journey of following him, despites trials and turns and twists in the road. Following the light poses a great challenge for us today, because we so often experience darkness and confusion. Yet Jesus and his teaching stand as a guiding light for us.

So often we look to other people and sources for inspiration and guidance, forgetting that Jesus is, in fact, the best of these. Recognizing that he is our light will help us greatly to cling to him. But we need to make a conscious decision to seek guidance from him through prayer, reflection and the sacraments.

Second, in their search for the new born king, the three wise men were guided by the light of the star, but they were also helped by the words of the Scriptures cited to them. As the followers of Christ, we also have the star to follow. This star is the Bible which contains all we need to know to walk the path to salvation.

Mongey on Girard, 'Toussaint Louverture: A Revolutionary Life'

In the Scriptures, we find the principles and teachings, which nourish and instruct us on who our God is and how we ought to live out our Christian faith. Still, we need to reach for the Bible, read and study it, so that its light may illuminate us. Third, the image of light implies the presence of darkness, but where there is light, darkness disappears.

Following Christ, the light of the world, means walking in the light to produce good fruits. These are, according to St. If the door is opened, they ask for money for a specific charity.

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