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But even those that have been through around a while and could be found in piggy banks or down the back of sofas could be worth a lot more than their face value.

8 Valuable Coins That Could Be Hiding in Your Change

That's because collectors are often trying to complete their collections and some coins are more sought-after than others. Coins which errors - ones with subtle and small minting errors - can be worth a lot more money too.

But, collectors often lurk on eBay and at car boot sales looking for the coins they need to complete their collections. The truth is that the index of the most valuable coins has not changed, but there is one coin in particular that you want to keep an eye out for.


The round pound was officially withdrawn from circulation in October - but just because they've disappeared from your spare change it doesn't stop collectors hunting them down. The coin was first issued in but it wasn't until that it hit the headlines, when it was revealed as the most scarce 50p in circulation.

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  • 1. 1983 Doubled Die Reverse.
  • Rarest and most valuable coins that could be in your pocket – do you have one worth £400;

If you're interested in how much your 50p could be worth, then check out our guide to the most valuable 50p coins. The football 50p was possibly the most publicised of all the 50p designs, as it features the hotly debated offside rule in the form of a simple diagram. Designer Neil Wolfson, a sports journalist by trade, chose an image which he felt would encapsulate the sport whilst also provoke discussion.


To celebrate the London Olympics, The Royal Mint released a 50p piece with 29 difference designs. It was quickly corrected to remove the waves, but a small number of the original design were produced before being withdrawn, and these coins can fetch a pretty penny.

Up until , all 2p coins had the words "New Pence" inscribed on the reverse, but a year later The Royal Mint decided to change it to say "Two Pence. If you think you've found a coin with an error read our guide to the most valuable ones. Coins become rare for a variety of reasons, including political and controversial minting.

Here are some of the rarest coins the world has to offer.

7 Rare and Valuable Pennies Found in Circulation Today

Struck in , 30 years after its dating, this coin was minted as a gift for Asian rulers during trade envoy visits. Many coin collectors have goals to collect specific coin types, such as doubloons.

But casual collectors will have a hard time saving up for this extremely rare example. When the minter Ephraim Brasher was declined after petitioning New York State to mint a new set of coins, he decided to mint them anyway. Although he crafted many in bronze, he created some in gold, the latter of which became some of the rarest coins in the U. However, depending on future demand, this coin may one day go for as much as eight figures! With coins as rare as these, many are lucky to ever see them.